Get Naked: Taking Your Life Back One Day at a Time (PRE-ORDER)

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In life, the ‘hands that we are dealt’, aren’t always made up of cards that we asked for. We have experienced trauma that often goes unresolved because we were told that “What goes on in the house, stays in the house!” This oxymoron has left many of us questioning God, asking “Why me”? For those of us who don’t know how to LET GO after being VIOLATED, verbally, physically, as well as mentally abused, Doniella wrote this book to share truths and to encourage you to do what she had to do; removing the layers and so we can properly heal!


The reality is everything that has happened to us either by will or by force has not only left an indelible mark on our psyches but also these events have shifted the very dynamics of our lives. I want us to break the generational curses and ADDRESS THE ISSUES. This is our time to break free and LIVE! Carrying unnecessary weight is slowing you down. Continuing this way will prevent you from making it to your true pupose. It's time to get up Sis!

We have suffered in silence for too long.

We have dressed up our mess for too long.
We have held family secrets for too long.
We invite you to TAKE IT ALL OFF!!! A NEW YOU awaits. Let's peel away the layers TOGETHER.
GET NAKED Now - you will feel better!
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