Naked & Free Crewneck - Basic Black

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This shirt is sure to make a statement. Declaring that you have made the commitment to go naked, stripping off everything that is holding you back, UNASHAMED & FREE! Genesis 2:25 "And the man and his wife were both naked, but they were not ashamed."

4.2 oz rinspun
100% Heirloom cotton with a unisex, retail fit.

It is recommended that you size up depending on preferred fit.


About the Book:

In life, the ‘hands that we are dealt’, aren’t always made up of cards that we asked for. We have experienced trauma that often goes unresolved because we were told that “What goes on in the house, stays in the house!” This oxymoron has left many of us questioning God, asking “Why me”? For those of us who don’t know how to LET GO after being VIOLATED, verbally, physically, as well as mentally abused, Doniella wrote "Get Naked: Taking Your Life Back One Day at a Time" to share truths and to encourage you to do what she had to do; removing the layers and so we can properly heal!

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